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"Starr has trained me 1-on-1 and also in a group for over a year now – that’s between two to three sessions a week!  I have managed to sustain this consistency because Starr offers such complete support.  Although I am only 31, I have a chronic back injury and weakened core.  Starr has accommodated all of my physical limitations and found a way to keep me safely enjoying the exercise every single session whilst maximising impact! I feel stronger every week and I love it!  Starr's understanding and patience makes me feel at ease enough to admit when I've been drifting away from my goals and she always steers me back on track.  After all of those training sessions Starr has never once forgotten to check on me the next day and ask how I am feeling, which is just downright incredible!  I have seen countless Doctors, Physiotherapists, Yoga and Pilates teachers to try to help my back; Starr has given me more supportive complete aid, encouragement and results than anyone else combined!"

Thanks Starr!
Stephanie Yates

"When I say I have a personal trainer, people laugh disbelievingly, especially if they’ve known me for a long time. I have always had a horror of any kind of organised physical activity, including team sports and gyms. Walking and swimming were the only tolerable forms of exercise. All this changed when I developed arthritis and was told I needed strength training to protect my joints, forcing me to brave a women’s only gym and engage a trainer to teach me what to do (and was I ever a slow learner)…..Starr was the standout of my trainers, endlessly conscientious, knowledgeable, thoughtful, always encouraging, never hectoring. She reconciled me to everything about gym except the music….so when I got the opportunity to train with her at her studio and listen to 3MBS, I jumped at it – literally. I cannot believe the improvement to my strength, stamina, balance and general sense of wellbeing since I’ve been working with Starr. I hope we’re still doing it when I’m eighty."

Annette Rubinstein

The body always follows the mind

Bruce Lee